Spyro confirmed as playable in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled DLC | E3 2019


The upcoming release of Crash Tag Racing Nitro-Fueled on June 21 will feature a racer in the form of Spyro the Dragon, coming post-launch.

Rumoured last week, Spyro will be available to race within the new game as DLC once during their season of content, which is due for release on June 21 on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, joining Crash for the first time since the mediocre Gameboy Advanced titles Crash Purple and Spyro Orange. The two have been rumoured for a crossover in the past in the form of full console titles, but it never materialised.

Nitro Fuelled comes after a successful revival of the series in the form of the Crash N-Sane Trilogy from 2017 on PS4, which was developed by Vicarious Visions. The team had worked on a Crash racing game previously with Crash Nitro Kart on the PS2 generation, but Nitro-Fueled is being handled by Beenox, whose last primary projects were The Amazing Spiderman games.

Spyro’s inclusion also makes sense after the Spyro’s return with his Trilogy last year, made by Skylanders developer Toys For Bob. With both IPs owned by Activision, adding Spyro is a nice touch for the new game.

The new content will also include more tracks for the game, though a date for its release has not yet been specified.

The original CTR was a favourite amongst fans of the series, offering a fun arcade racer in Crash’s world, allowing you to play as many characters and bosses throughout the series. Nitro-Fueled was announced in December at The Game Awards. Whether a PC release is on the cards is currently unclear.