You Can Customize Your Trainer in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield


Trainers in Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword are going to have the opportunity to make their characters stand out by customizing them as soon as they load in the game.

This information was confirmed by the official Pokemon Twitter account shortly following this morning’s Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield direct. You can view the tweet below.

In the screenshot of the trainers, we see eight preset character pictures. As of right now, it is unconfirmed if these are all of the choices, or if these are the presets players are going to start with, and then they can further modify them in a character creation window.

It’s likely trainers are going to have the most customization when it comes to the type of clothing their trainer can wear. There could even be clothing attached to completing specific tasks in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield further encouraging later options as players get closer to finishing the game.

This story is still developing, and we’re going to modify the information as we learn more.