Cyberpunk 2077 Public Demo Coming to PAX West


When it comes to Cyberpunk 2077 we’ve seen a full trailer, we’ve seen some crazy screenshots taken in the game, and we have celebrity guest Keanu Reeves showing up as the iconic Johnny Silverhand. One many have not seen, however, is the game’s demo. Only a handful of gaming journalists have seen it behind closed doors at E3 2019, and they gushed about it when asked about it. That’s going to change at this year’s PAX West.

CD Projekt Red’s global community lead, Marcin Momot, confirmed this information on Twitter after another person said the playable demo was not going to be seen by the public until after Gamescom 2019.

If you have been thinking about making it to PAX West and needed more of a reason to do so, here’s your chance. You’ll have the opportunity to try the game for yourself on the show floor. The gameplay demo that was shown at this year’s E3 last week was widely different than the first demo the journalists viewed the previous year. The first demo was more of a cinematic, whereas this was features a great deal more gameplay, according to multiple gaming journalists who had a chance to check both of them out.

Yes, there’s going to be plenty of Reeves in the game demo, too. He plays Johnny Silverhand, a Rockerboy with an iconic cybernetic, silver left hand. He’s going to follow you around because he’s going to be an image in your head.

You’ll probably have to wait in a huge line to try the game, but for many who have been excited about this game since it first announced may find it a worthwhile interim.

This year’s PAX West takes place from August 30 and runs until September 2 in Seattle, Washington, at the Washington State Convention Center. As of this writing, a four-day pass to the event has already sold out, but Friday, Sunday, and Monday are still available. Saturday has also sold out.