Dark Crystal Games Announces Early Access For Encased Next Year


Encased is an old-school RPG with a turn based combat system that will have a gameplay of 30 hours with significant replay potential, according to developer Dark Crystal Games.


This post-apocalyptic sci-fi game tells the story of events that happen under the Dome, an artificial construction of unknown origin that is shaped like a sheer half-sphere with a small aperture at the top. More mystery waits underneath the Dome, while those extracting items and relics are trapped inside, those who enter may not leave.

All research and exploration of the Dome is conducted by the C.R.O.N.U.S. Foundation staffed by people who do not speak of their experiences with the Foundation. Due to the player’s expedition of the Dome, an unstable AI has awoken by the name of Maelstrom.


The combat in Encased will be turn based, letting the player choose a variety of tactical options. Do you target key fighters or take out support first? The choice is up to you. The combat system is guided by the following principles: battles should be brief, dynamic, and complex, each one a tactical puzzle with multiple solutions.

Role Playing

Encased will have a very similar feel as other classic RPG games such as Fallout. This lets the player figure out the system without the use of manuals or failing builds. Dark Crystal Games has added their own system of perks and skills, forcing the player to make complicated and interesting choices.

Crime System

One of the most interesting features of Encased will be its crime system. The player will receive various penalties and accrue a reputation from Petty Thief to Enemy of the State #1, or even Threat to Humanity. Punishment also varies, ranging from a fine, getting imprisoned, or even executed. Players will also be given options to bribe judges, organize a jailbreak, or pass the trial in the Labyrinth of Death.

Character Creation

Like many RPGs, you will be able to create a character, including stats and a biography. Every character created in Encased’s prototype character creator will be added to the C.R.O.N.U.S. database, leaving a permanent mark on the finished game. The best biographies will also be used as prototypes for C.R.O.N.U.S. employee NPC’s. If you’ve ever wanted to create an NPC, now is the time to get creative and create one that Dark Crystal Games can use.

While no release date is set I stone, we do know that Dark Crystal announced that Encased will be hitting early access in early 2019. With inspirations of 90’s to early 2000’s RPGs, this may be the RPG that I have been waiting for as I miss the old school gameplay.