First owners of PC Edition Of Dark Souls Will Get 50% Discount On Remastered


Dark Souls Remastered is coming to pc this year on 25th May. The remastered edition will bring various improvements and enhancements for PC gamers. The game will also have improved matchmaking, control remapping, and character customization. A lot of PC gamers were wondering whether they will get the game as a free upgrade for those who already own the previous edition. And it has happened in case of Bioshock, those who own the game first got a free Remastered edition, but the same is not possible for Dark Souls owner.

Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls Remastered will be a separate product, and those who own the original game will get a 50% discount. The info is updated on the games steam page. Those who own Dark Souls: Prepare To Die will get around 50% discounts. And others can get the game at a regular price. The cost of Dark Souls Remastered is $39.99. If you own the game before you get this for half price.

Dark Souls Remastered has been upgraded to support the native 4K resolution at 60fps and upscale texture. There are many enhancements along with adding support for 6 player’s team which were four before. This enhancement will offer to re-visit the dark world of this exploration based role-playing game.