“The Dark Souls Series Is Finished”


While players are eager to put their hands on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, there are a lot of Dark Souls fans out there who would love to see their favorite series continue even after the third (and final) chapter.

Anyway, franchise creator has said multiple times that Dark Souls is over and that at least for the moment the Japanese developer will try fresh new things, which is something that doesn’t leave supporters with many hopes of a new game.


In a recent interview with VG247.com, communication manager Yasuhiro Kitao has offered a new comment on the matter, reiterating that the idea is to work on more stuff outside of that saga.

“We plan to make a variety of different titles and fresh experiences. We’re not just going to be making shinobi games going forward. But as far as Miyazaki has said in interviews previously, the Dark Souls series is finished,” Kitao said.

“That said, we do want to keep creating these fresh experiences, and just games we want to make – so please stay tuned,” he added.

Considering how good Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is shaping up, it’s fine to see From Software being willing to try new things and add more on top of what it has manage to build with the Souls saga.

How do you feel about that?