The Outsiders’ Project Wight Is “Darkborn”, Gameplay Reveal Trailer Looks Impressive


Earlier today, IGN revealed a debut title coming from game developers The Outsiders called Darkborn. This first-person story-based game focuses on a revenge story. Unlike other games with similar plots, The Outsiders flip the script and where the main character of their story is a monster, rather than a young, traditional hero.

This time around, the loving, caring family is that of the misunderstood creatures who get caught in the middle of a power struggle of two opposing factions. The story will not feature humans as these gleeful killers, instead of as those who unknowingly destroyed a family.

Players assume the role of the younger member of the creature family, where they steadily grow up to become a stealthy hunter who seeks revenge against those had a hand in ruining what their family had from the start. There’s going to be elements of stealth throughout most of the game.

Before this announcement, this game had been called Project Wight. This was the title The Outsiders first gave back when they teased the game in 2016. They’re a small studio, based in Stockholm, made up of 25 members.

As of right now, the game is in pre-alpha, and there’s no release date of when Darkborn is going to come out, or if it’ll be out on particular platforms.

However, The Outsiders did share a 15-minute reveal trailer you can check out on below.