Dauntless Launches on Nintendo Switch Today, Featuring Cross-Play and Stormchasers Update


Nintendo is receiving a great new option for online co-op and cross-platform play when Dauntless launches later today. The fast-paced monster-hunting game is already available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and like on other platforms, Dauntless is free to play on Nintendo Switch, supported by an optional Hunt Pass that unlocks more loot.

Also announced during the show was Stormchasers, the latest content update for Dauntless. Stormchasers, Dauntless’ 1.1.0 update, launches alongside the Nintendo Switch version today.

Dauntless Switch armor

Stormchasers launches with a host of new additions, including new escalation hunts and a brand new flying Behemoth, Malkarion. Like any update, it also brings a bunch of less exciting, but no less important, improvements to the game, such as UI tweaks and a new in-game mailbox, so players can receive updates from developers directly in Ramsgate, the home base of Dauntless.

To celebrate today’s Nintendo release, Behemoth slayers on the Switch will receive the new Skyfighter amor and Skymetal weapon set for free when they download the game. The new gear comes in the form of cosmetic items, which can be applied to any weapon or armor to change their appearance while maintaining the base gear’s stats.

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Dauntless was seen as one of the first big successes of cross-play on PlayStation 4, after Sony’s long history of resisting the feature. With its launch on Nintendo Switch, Dauntless is now available on every major gaming platform. For veteran slayers and newcomers alike, the Stormchasers update looks like a great place to jump back in or start a brand-new campaign.