Dauntless Coming to Consoles and Epic Games Store Next Week


Eager console players interested in jumping into Dauntless, a monster-hunting RPG, will have the opportunity to do so on May 21, developers Phoenix Labs announced today. The game’s official PC release will also happen on the same day, and the title launches as an Epic Game Stores exclusive.

In the game, players are expected to work together to take down significant hunting challenges where battles against unique, devastating creatures can last anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes. Along the way, players are expected to receive upgrades to their weapons, gear, and the powers they use when taking down these monsters. Much like the creatures in Monster Hunter, players can kill particular animals and then later craft certain monster parts into useful gear.

Before the game even begins, players have a wide variety of options available to them in terms of character customization, as players have the chance to choose their favorite personal options for their heroes.

Additionally, there’s a new DLC pack launching on the game’s official release, called Hidden Blades. With it comes the arrival of the Moon Blossom Festival, where players are going to have the chance to earn a variety of customization items where they can look like a ninja. Each season pass comes with over 50 different levels players can run through during the season pass’ lifetime, earning unique items and premium currency they’d otherwise have to pay to acquire.

As of right now, Dauntless is going to become a cross-platform product. Players on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC should get the chance to all play together. Unfortunately, those details are still getting figured out. Once the developers figure out those details, it shouldn’t matter what console you play Dauntless from, as you’ll be able to play with a friend across any platform.

Get ready to play on May 21.