Dauntless Desperado Bundle Available for Twitch Prime Members Starting Today


Dauntless is the latest game to offer additional in-game items to Twitch Prime users. Starting today, Dauntless players who subscribe to Twitch Prime will receive “the Desperado Bundle,” a pack of cosmetics and useful items for the game. More rewards are to get delivered throughout the summer.

The headline item from the bundle is a cosmetic armor piece inspired by the ponchos commonly worn by gunslingers in classic Westerns. Along with that, the package also includes a desirable purple armor dye, a set of consumables, the “Desperado” title, and a 30-day boost that gives you bonus items for completing Patrols.

The Desperado Bundle is the first of four Twitch Prime bundles. The other three will arrive sometime this summer. They’ll include a selection of in-game rewards and three more pieces of the Desperado armor set.

You can equip the Desperado armor set under the Transmog tab of the Loadout menu. As the game’s developers point out, this armor doesn’t need the Transmog Stones that some cosmetic armors do, so you can apply it to as many different armor pieces as you want.

Twitch Prime rewards for Dauntless are available on all of the game’s platforms — PS4, Xbox One, and PC.