Days Gone Update 1.06 Seems To Be Crashing Some PS4s

Updated: A new 1.07 patch is now available to all users, and appears to be released to resolve the crashing issue caused by the previous update.

Original Story: The recent Days Gone patch, marked by Bend Studios as “Bug Fixes” appears to be causing some problems for some players. Since the update, lots of people have been reporting that the game is crashing their PS4. The patch, which clocked in at just 132MB, seems to have caused more trouble than it fixes for a lot of people.

The patch was supposed to deliver the below general fixes, but enough people have been having problems that Bend Studios has stopped pushing out the new update, and anyone who hasn’t downloaded it yet will stay on the previous update instead.

General Fixes

  • The auto-save function will now save the correct number of saves to your save cloud account
  • Audio should no longer be cut out/dropped when it involves equipping certain engines and certain exhausts to your bike
  • Difficulty settings are retained through patches

Known Issues

  • The crash on startup and other issues in this scope are being investigated. As of now, if you haven’t downloaded Patch 1.06 and start-up Days Gone, you will remain with Patch 1.05 active. Updates to come

So, if you have yet to download the update, you should be fine, but if you have already downloaded it, and are suffering from crashes, then all you can do is wait for Bend Studios to fix the problem.

We will keep you updated on this story as more information becomes available.