DayZ Coming To Xbox Game Preview At Some Point In 2018 – Dev


The DayZ Development team took on Twitter to announce their latest update regarding their game. DayZ has been in development since 2013 as an Early access game in the Alpha version. And it will be launching on the Xbox One under its Game Preview banner, once its beta version is released. “Yes! Coming to Xbox Game Preview at some point this year, we’re not sure about PS4 yet, but we’ll release there too, eventually – just don’t know when yet.” tweeted the development team behind DayZ.

DayZ Release Date Confirmed For Xbox One

The game is still in development and the developers are currently working on 0.63 version update which will add some important new features to the game. This update was scheduled to be released last year however, it had to be delayed as some core features like swimming and vaulting were not ready for an early release.

As the game has its roots as an Arma III mod, therefore the developers’ main focus has been making the game’s engine more suited for the game’s needs and removing unnecessary features of the engine.

Eugen Harton, the lead producer of the game, released a full list of the new features coming to the game with the 0.63 update in his November DayZ Status report.


  • New crafting
  • New central economy
  • New zombies
  • New animals
  • Completely revamped ranged combat with much more manual control
  • Completely revamped melee combat with combos and evading mechanics
  • New and quite significant map changes
  • Diseases that “mix things up”
  • Injuries that change your movement
  • New movement and stealth
  • Redefined spawns
  • New damage system and hit zones for both players and animals
  • New visuals for particles or blood
  • New animation system that makes everything “so frickin smooth”
  • Remade buildings
  • More players per server
  • More zombies per server
  • Fewer network issues
  • Stability fixes