DayZ will be hitting Xbox Game Preview this year, PlayStation 4 ‘eventually’


Are you looking forward to playing DayZ on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? It looks like that could very well become a reality in the future, according to the DayZ development team.

The survival game will be coming to Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One “at some point” in 2018, and an “eventual” PlayStation 4 debut is planned down the line.

DayZ has been in Early Access for five years, and it’s hurtling toward Update 0.63, which is a pretty jam-packed slice of content, including core feature updates like new crafting, zombies, animals, diseases, and more. DayZ will make its way to Xbox Game Preview after the original finally hits the beta stage, though Update 0.63 was actually pushed back from last year because several of its features weren’t ready for a full release. You can see a full list of proposed features from lead producer Eugen Harton here, which was established in November. 

For the uninitiated, DayZ was originally an ARMA 2 mod. It has since grown into its own, sprawling game with the kind of popularity that merits multiple console releases, though we don’t know when PS4 will be joining the party.

There’s a lot to come for the game still, and to finally see it exiting Early Access is a big moment for fans. This could be a big year for DayZ, most likely.