DDoS attacks disconnect PUBG Mobile players worldwide, devs trying to resolve it

It has been happening for a while now.

Image via PUBG Corporation

PUBG Mobile players have reported an issue that they are getting disconnected from the match, and the whole server is freezing all of a sudden. Several players have revealed that they are experiencing it almost two to three times in every five to 10 games. The developers have acknowledged the issue, and they have reported that it is happening because of DDoS attacks against their systems.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) is a malicious attempt that disrupts the regular traffic of a targeted server, service, or network by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic. It will eventually lead the target to be inoperable, and that is the reason why players were getting disconnected.

The developers of PUBG Mobile are actively trying to resolve these DDoS attacks against their systems and the new hacking issues to bring back the normal gaming experience to players as soon as possible. Meanwhile, they have announced that a new anti-cheat patch will be released soon to put a serious stop to cheaters.