New Dead by Daylight Patch Brings Horror for the Holidays


The Cursed Legacy, the newest content update for Dead by Daylight, out today, brings a new killer, hero, map, and more, just in time for the holiday season.

Initially revealed in a trailer last month, the new killer and hero for players to take control of bring with them a new map in the vein of the Yamaoka Estate theme, called Sanctum of Wrath, an abandoned shrine left behind for reasons unknown.

Kimura Yiu, the new hero, is set to go against The Oni, a new killer who is closely related to The Spirit. Taking the form of a hulking demon in a mask, The Oni’s power is called Yamaoka’s Wrath, an ability that lets them absorb orbs of blood from injured survivors. Once enough orbs have been collected, The Oni enters Blood Fury Mode, where it has access to powerful abilities, such as Demon Dash, where they can close great distances quickly, Demon Strike, which extends the range of their attacks and puts survivors immediately into the Dying state.

The Oni also comes with three new perks: Zanshin Tactics (letting them see vault and palette locations), Blood Echo (when a survivor is hooked, all injured survivors suffer from the hemorrhage and exhausted status effect for period of time), and Nemesis (a survivor who blinds or stuns the Oni becomes The Obsessed, and their aura is shown and The Oni’s presence becomes unknown to them for a period of time).

Yui brings her own share of new perks as well. The first is Lucky Break, where blood trails will not be left behind after being injured for a period of time. Once that time is up, Lucky Break is permanently deactivated. The second is Any Means Necessary, allowing the player to reset knocked down palettes at the cost of a length cooldown. Finally, there is Breakout, which gives you a speed boost when near a carried survivor and in turn, granting them the ability to wiggle out faster.

Along with the new content, Update 1.78 brings the usual assortment of tweaks, fixes, and balancing to survivors, killers, and maps alike. This marks the last content drop for the game for 2019.

Dead by Daylight is available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.