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Dead by Daylight’s Nicolas Cage Floors Players with Exciting Perks & Fantastic Voice Lines

Nicolas Cage has arrived to Dead by Daylight, and fans are over the moon excited about his addition, and everything about him.

Today is the day Nicolas Cage, the character actor who has been transported into Dead by Daylight, played by famous actor Nicholas Cage, arrives at the game’s public test server as a Survivor. Players have the chance to try him out ahead of his arrival at the end of the month to the full game on July 25, 2023. Already, fans are in love with the character’s perks and the many over-the-top lines he delivers.

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These will likely be adjusted when Nicolas Cage enters the full game on his release date, but for now, players have the chance to try them out and provide feedback to the development team. As it stands, fans cannot get over these abilities and how useful they can be in a variety of situations. It’s easy to see that Nicolas Cage will be an instant hit to Dead by Daylight fans, and not only because of Cage’s star power.

Dead by Daylight Community Celebrate Nicolas Cage Entering the Fog

The announcement to have Nicolas Cage arrive in Dead by Daylight was made close to the game’s 7th Anniversary stream. These details were, unfortunately, revealed in a massive leak surrounding the event. Still, fans could not contain their excitement to see superstar Nicholas Cage assume the role of a lifetime and attempt to survive alongside other Dead by Daylight characters against a museum of deadly horror icons.

Today, the Survivor Nicolas Cage has had his perks revealed to everyone, and players are finding multiple ways to use them. Many fans have already noted their ingenious nature of them, with someone pointing out that, “Plot twist is so silly but genuinely useful? I love it. Unironically faster to heal yourself with it compared to self-care- and can’t be slowed by sloppy, etc. Dramaturgy could also be really good, depending on what “run with knees high means.”

Plot Twist, Nicolas Cage’s ability in Dead by Daylight that allows him to go into the “dying state” so he can heal himself up to full seems like an instant favorite, alongside Dramaturgy, which rolls the dice on a unique effect to happen to the player. Fans are enjoying the potential of these choices, already piecing them together with their other favorite, with fans saying, “That’s actually insane lmfao. Obviously one of those swf only things, but still. Made For This + Plot Twist + REsilience + No Mither meta?”

On top of these abilities, fans are also noting Cage’s acclaimed voice skills and the hilarious lines he says during a Dead by Daylight match. One of the lines he says at the start of the match is, “I wonder who’s going to rip out our eyes today.” Many are finding out he’s a very talkative character, and as more players continue using him, they’re going to find how much time Cage spent in the booth working on his character.

Dead by Daylight fans will need to wait for the full version of Nicolas Cage to release to the game on July 25, 2023.

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