Dead Space 4, Series Producer Would Work On A Sequel

One of the most underrated series last gen was ultimately Electronic Arts and Visceral Games’ Dead Space.

Dead Space had three games, with the original which quickly became a staple in survival horror in a moment when the genre was looking, err, dead.

The second game was something I truly fell in love with, as it expanded franchise’s lore while retaining what the made the original so good.

The third was quite disappointing to me, as Visceral Games had to implement multiplayer co-op and firefights against humans based on EA’s will.

Anyway, this isn’t preventing Glen Schofield, Sledgehammer Games’ founder who’s left the company and back in the days was a Dead Space producer, to think about returning to the series.

Indeed, in an interview with Game Informer, Schofield said he would work again on Dead Space 4, even though it would be a bit different in comparison with DS2 and 3.

He told the interviewer that he wouldn’t necessarily follow that lore because it got too complex in regards of what the IP began like.

On top of that, he thinks that Dead Space 4 would need a multiplayer component of sorts in order to make it appealing to any publisher out there, not just Electronic Arts.

That would be the thing that would allow people to return and return to the game on a longer time span, not just during the length of a story campaign.

Anyway, with Visceral Games shuttered and EA slowly getting away from the single-player business, it seems unlikely that a sequel to Dead Space 3 ever happes.