Death Stranding Awarded A Perfect Score In Famitsu Review

Death Stranding Awarded A Perfect Score In Famitsu Review

You might have heard about Death Stranding not receiving a warm welcome from our press friends and colleagues, despite grabbing a rather good 85/100 Metascore on Metacritic. However, it still looks like there’s someone out there who has had a perfect time with the PS4 console exclusive (you know, it’s also coming to PC).

That someone is Famitsu. The popular Japanese magazine has awarded the game a 40/40, as spotted on ResetEra.

If you know how things work at Famitsu, they have four reviewers who work on each title, and then release all four their scores which concur to build the sum of the score for that specific game. Death Stranding managed to grab four perfect scores from all the four reviewers, which is kind of unique and unusual.

So, that’s something that should at least have you a bit more comforted about what’s going on with the title. You might have been disappointed about reading all those things, which said that the game is going to be annoying or not fun at all, but a 40/40 should clear that aspect, too.

It’s also clear that Kojima has strived to build something very, very ambitious and story-based, and that the gameplay itself is a consequence of that ambition — in a world where all the gameplay experiences are seemingly tailored to convey specific mechanics, like shooting, shooting and shooting, he’s gone for something different, and perhaps you might not like it. And that would be ok.

But if you are a Hideo Kojima fan, it’s unlikely you’re going to be disappointed, or at least this is what we get from a 40/40 review for Death Stranding.