Is Death Stranding The Best Looking Game For PS4?

As you might have heard, Death Stranding is finally releasing today, exclusively for PlayStation 4. PlayStation 4 has had a lot of outstanding looking games, but perhaps the Kojima Productions title pushes the boundaries even further this time around.

One of the questions most floating around on the Internet is “Is Death Stranding The Best Looking Game On PS4?” and we have some good intel to provide you with the answer you’re looking for. That’s thanks to a video from PlayStation Access.

Death Stranding is finally here!” we read in the description of the clip. “And it looks absolutely incredible. Here is some beautiful 4K gameplay as Rob takes us on a tour of our favourite scenic spots in Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece.”

Of course, the description and the video itself are about the PS4 Pro version, which is the best looking possible at the time being – at least before the release of the PC edition, which is set to be launched in early Summer 2020.

We do know that the game is one of the most advanced ever from a technological standpoint since it is based on Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine and is doing checkerboard rendering for 4K upscaling that is undistinguishable from true 4K.

Among the other things, this technological achievement was reached thanks to a lot of staffers that came right from Konami, and many that provided that contribute from Guerrilla Games and other PlayStation first-party studios.