Death Stranding Has Been Confirmed For PC, Coming In Summer 2020

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Death Stranding has been confirmed for PC in a tweet from Kojima Productions. It is a move that many people have suspected for a while now and hints at all kinds of interesting possibilities.

So, we finally have an answer to at least one Death Stranding quest, and it is indeed coming to PC. I had bet on this being the case, but I can honestly say I am still pleased to see it happening. There were hints, such as the awkward references to console exclusivity, but nobody has cleared up the details until now.

This might be indicative of future strategy from Sony as we move into the next generation. Could we see them adopt a friendlier approach to PlayStation exclusives ending up on the PC at some point? I certainly hope so, and it would help them to directly counter Microsofts more open attitude to Xbox One games ending up on PC at a more reasonable pace.

The rules already appear to be changing in the console space lately, with Sony coming firmly onboard with the idea of cross-play for any developer who wishes to explore it. Things are potentially looking good for games, and we might be on the way to all being one big happy family.

Death Stranding will release for PS4 on November 8, and for PC during the Summer of 2020.