Daemon X Machina – How To Earn Credits

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Credits are your life’s blood in Daemon X Machina. You use them to buy new equipment, research new weapons and armor, and upgrade your Outer, the pilot of your Arsenal. It can take quite a lot of credits to get fully upgraded, so you want to make sure you are earning as many as you can.

Daemon X Machina – How To Earn Credits Fast

The primary way to earn credits in Daemon X Machina is by doing missions. There are two different types of missions in the game: story and free missions. You can only play story missions once, but free missions allow you to grind them over and over again. Some of them are pretty short, with a decent payout, so it is worth doing.

Missions can also give you an additional target to hit, or objective to achieve. These reward you with extra credits if you are successful.

You can also sell equipment you salvage from the battlefield. Take out an enemy Arsenal, and it will plummet to the ground, allowing you to strip the body on one useful item. This salvage might have a gun, piece of armor, or other equipment. It is worth checking which parts sell for a reasonable price, and grabbing them if they wreckage has nothing else you need. You can easily double or even triple your missions rewards in the early game if you find the right piece to sell.

To sell things you no longer need, go to the main menu, then the Shop, and select the sell option. Anything you have equipped will be greyed out, to avoid accidentally selling something you find useful.