Daemon X Machina – How To Switch To Your Pylon Weapon

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In Daemon X Machina, you’re piloting an Arsenal suit as you take on waves of evil AIs intent on your destruction. You have a range of weapons available, and can equip a shoulder-mounted launcher and a gun in each hand. You also have pylons, where you can stash some backup weapons. These are useful when you run out of ammunition for your primary weapons, or need to switch tactics mid-fight.

How To Equip Pylon Weapon

Pylon Weapons

You can equip pylon weapons in the Hangar. Go the central console in the hub you visit between missions, navigate to Hangar, then your weapons. Scroll down to Left and Right Pylon, and you can equip a backup gun to each one.

How To Switch To Your Pylon Weapons

During a mission, you can equip to your pylon weapons by using the left button on the D-pad. Swap to the left handheld weapon with the left pylon weapon, and the right button on the D-pad to swap the right-hand weapon with the right pylon weapon. It is important to remember that you can’t swap the left and right sides with each other. Keep this in mind when you are deciding what weapons you want to bring with you.

I like to use two high ammo capacity Assault Rifles as my handheld weapons. I became a big fan of the Atreus model when I was playing through the game. On my pylons, I would often bring laser weapons, because they hit hard, and are an excellent way to chuck through enemy Arsenals. For some missions, I found a sword and shield on the pylons were magnificent, as there are plenty of enemy fights where the other pilots won’t give you any space, so being able to turn that to your advantage is a great idea.

It is a good idea to experiment with different sets of weapons from mission to mission until you find one that suits your playstyle.