Death Stranding Hits “Critical Phase” In Development

Death Stranding‘s development updates are so sparse that every little piece of information makes sense nowadays.

Hideo Kojima took the stage on Twitter a few hours ago to tell his followers (the followers of his Japanese account, to be more precise) that the game has reached a “critical phase” in the making process.

“[Death Stranding] is not yet in difficulty adjustment or debugging stage, but combining all the parts made in [different] tools and development machines into one game,” as translated by

“It’s a process to connect the parts, to fix the operation, feelings, the production, the specifications, the trouble, and to strip the flesh and [make changes] while I play the game directly every day on PS4. Critical phase.”

As you can see, the fact that the title has hit a “critical phase” in the development process doesn’t mean that we’re soon getting a release date, for sure.

Indeed, it looks like that stage is still quite early in the development, and that more time will be required in order to complete it.

While it’s rather disappointed, it’s also worth noting that it could not take ages before we learn more about the timing of the release or those pieces, as said by Kojima, get together for an early 2020 launch.