Death Stranding Has Completed Experimental Phase Says Kojima

In a recent interview published by Dengeki, one of the biggest Japan’s gaming outlet, Hideo Kojima shared some insight into his upcoming action video game Death Stranding. The game has been announced long back and few released cinematic trailers (the most recent Death Stranding Cinematic Trailer was shown at The Game Awards 2017) has given us just a glimpse in the dark world of protagonist Sam.

Death Stranding

According to the published interview, Kojima said: “Currently, we have surpassed the experiment phase, and by entering the next step, we’re feeling the response to the new gameplay.” This clears up that the game is quite near to its completion and soon we will be hearing some new update about the game. Such big title has always faced tight schedule and was shifted from their release date, but the statement gives a positive feedback that Death Stranding will be coming up in time.

Death Stranding features an open world environment (according to Mads Mikkelsen – Death Stranding is an Enormously Labyrinthine game i.e. Massive MAZE) that will also include multiplayer element. As we had seen in recently released teasers, the game protagonist Sam is traveling to another world that is submerged in water. The player will be able to return to the living world and their actions will have an impact on the other one. Game elements like Timefall are one of the most talked items, it’s a phenomenon of rain where it deteriorates anything it touches.

However the game release schedule is rumored somewhere in the year 2019, there is still an entire year for gamers to wait. There is also the possibility that we might get some accurate info about the game release this year.

Source: Dengekionline