Death Stranding “Feels Like It’s Only Starting After 10 Hours”

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During an interview with Dengeki Online, Shuhei Yoshida, president at Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, shared some exciting details about how long Death Stranding is.

According to Yoshida, you’ll get to play the game a lot since after the first 10 hours, which he has enjoyed on his PS4, he felt that the game was only starting. A feeling you usually get from a game that is at least 30+ hours in terms of playtime.

In total, I played around 10 hours from the beginning, but it still feels like it’s only starting,” said Yoshida, as reported by Dualshockers. “Other people were there and would try the game simultaneously, including Director Kojima, who showed me tons of ways to use Sam’s tools. I didn’t think of myself.”

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As for the story, he would compare it “to a well done Netflix original series. It feels like I reached only half of that series, and there are still many possibilities for what could happen next.”

“Also, I heard you’ll definitely cry when reaching the second half of the game,” he added for what matters the quality of the story and the emotions it will be able to convey. “Kojima Productions’ staff told me this, and even the debuggers at Sony told me this as well.”

Death Stranding is releasing on November 8, 2019, for PS4 and is easily one of the most anticipated games of the entire generation. Will it survive the hype?