Death Stranding “Gets Fun When You Have Completed 50% of the Game”

Hideo Kojima has shared some more controversial news about Death Stranding, which indeed gets more controversial each time the game designer and director adds details of sorts or talks about it in an interview.

Kojima claimed that the PS4 exclusive will be rather slow in comparison with the canons we’re used by playing modern games, even though everything will be explained and will become clear at a certain point. However, it might take up until the second half of the game for it to get fun.

“When you play the game, you are driven in very slowly at the start. It’s not like Terminator or Star Wars,” he told GameReactor. “There is no explanation or anything. It’s very easy to do it that way, and I can do it, but the story progresses slowly, especially at the beginning. You will feel lost, but don’t worry – you will naturally fit in. The system is explained.”

“Maybe it gets really fun when you have completed 50 percent of the game. The player, like in shooters and other genres, go into the game with a known rule and you think you know what a game is about. I didn’t want to have that feeling,” he added.

This is a confirmation that Death Stranding will explore a new genre, a claim Kojima very often sticks to, despite it vaguely looking like a walking simulator with stealth and action-adventure mechanics. Someone says it’s not for everyone, and if t you need to get through half of the game before getting some fun… that could be true.