Death Stranding Has Gone Gold

Kojima Productions has confirmed that Death Stranding has gone gold.

Death Stranding is an upcoming PlayStation 4 title. It is being created by Kojima Productions, with the game’s director being Hideo Kojima. Kojima himself is one of the most popular video game directors currently working, having amassed a large fan base due to his work on the Metal Gear series.

After completing Metal Gear Solid V and leaving Konami (the publishers of the Metal Gear series), Kojima quickly went to work on Death Stranding. The game was initially unveiled in 2016 and has intrigued players for years since it was first announced. The first trailer was borderline nonsensical as it merely showed a naked man (played by Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead fame) cradling a baby, while the world around them is covered with some dark stuff.

The proceeding trailers only continued to confuse viewers, even when more of the premise of the game was revealed. From what we can gather, the game is about trying to bridge the divide between societies. Societies have isolated themselves with “Walls,” and it is up to the main protagonist to use “Strands” to reconnect these societies.

Although gamers continued to be puzzle by Death Stranding’s presentation and vague premise, it has enamored a vast amount of the public. Kojima’s unique way of presenting the game has caught people’s attention, and fans of his past work have been interested since the beginning. Add in an all-star cast that includes Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, Margaret Qualley, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Guillermo del Toro, and Nicolas Winding Refn, and people couldn’t help but turn and see what the end product will look like.

If anything, Death Stranding will be an interesting curiosity to check out.

The Kojima Productions official Twitter account has revealed that the game has gone golden, and will meet its Nov. 8 release date. The tweet even has Hideo Kojima holding a completed disc of the game.

All we can say is congratulations to Kojima Productions for being able to finish the game on time for its slated release date. Kojima produced games are often sadly hit by delays, so it is nice to see Death Stranding making its slated release date.