Death Stranding Gets a Heavily Detailed Launch Trailer

We’re not too far off from being able to get our hands on Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. And to commemorate its arrival next week, Sony has released a new trailer running almost eight minutes long. And you can bet it’s packed with all kinds of story details, making us, even more, intrigued to check the game out.

It opens with Mads Mikkelsen’s unnamed character keeping watch over a baby in a protective container, hiding from unseen forces. After encountering a couple of guards, he points his gun at an unseen target.

We then see glimpses of the main character, Sam, portrayed by Norman Reedus. He appears to be gearing up for something, while shots of the somewhat devastated landscape are spliced in with a little voiceover. (Oh, and he has a pretty rad Tron-style motorcycle.)

The trailer then dives into a little bit of gameplay, with Sam walking across the landscape to activate certain terminals in the hopes of rebuilding the country. As expected, he runs into some enemy forces along the way, with weird skull-like designs on them.

More gameplay is then featured, with a closer look at the magnificent world that lies ahead of Sam. There are also dangers as well, in which he’ll have to tread carefully to stay alive.

One of the bigger monsters in the game appears to be some “ink lizard,” slamming its tail around as Sam gets out of its range.

There are also hints of what Sam’s quest is all about — a mystery woman that beckons for him to find her.

The cast also includes Lea Seydoux, Margaret Qualley, Guillermo del Toro, Nicolas Winding Refn, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Troy Baker, and Lindsay Wagner. We get a good glimpse at their characters, as well.

The story is still somewhat cryptic, but this is probably the closest look at the game — and Sam — that we’ve seen yet. So you could consider this a must-watch, even if you’re only remotely interested in giving Death Stranding a try.

Death Stranding releases on November 8 for PlayStation 4. It’s also coming to the PC next summer.