Death Stranding’s Norman Reedus Just Visited Kojima Productions For The First Time

Norman Reedus has just visited Kojima Productions for the first time, even though he’s been working for years on Death Stranding now.

The news broke thanks to a couple of tweets coming from Hideo Kojima himself, where he shared a few photos of the meeting.

The two have grown a great friendship along the way, apparently, so the photos are just pics like you would take with a friend of yours.

Most likely, the two have always met in the United States due to the actor being particularly busy with his work, thanks to The Game Awards, E3, and other events. Mo-cap should’ve been set up in the States, too.

There’s no space for some proper Death Stranding work in there, although the pair took some photos with a Sam “Porter” Bridges figure at the office.

Reedus, who stars AMC’s The Walking Dead, has also left a message on the dedicated board where Kojima asks visitors to do that.

He wrote: “2 the genius! Shabu shabu,” with a heart and his signature on a black wall with a white pen. So kind.

Whatever has happened down there, this meeting could’ve served to prepare some things up for the panel Kojima and Reedus will be hosting at Tribeca Film Festival.

Over there, they will be talking about their relationship and, if we’re lucky enough, we’ll get some new details about what’s going on with Death Stranding.