Death Stranding “Slightly Out Of The Initial Plan,” Is An Open World

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Hideo Kojima has just released a brand new interview where he talks about the timing of the release for Death Stranding and reveals that the game is an open world.

Speaking to the Japanese outlet J-Wave, Kojima admitted that the work on the title “has been slightly out of the initial plan.”

“Many studios lag behind the planned release date,” he said, before adding that Death Stranding itself “has been slightly out of the inital plan, but not much delayed.”

Kojima added that he had to go through “not a few compromises” in order to stay true to a planned release date.

“If you are an amateur artistic work you can make it satisfactory. However, because there is a delivery date, it is possible to set goals and prioritize them.

Because I’ve been making for a long time without a delivery date, I can do my best because I have a delivery date and I can do what I can do so.”

Interestingly, he mentioned for the first time that the game is an open world, similarly to what happened with his latest Metal Gear Solid title.

“With the story and design from the beginning to the end, as it is an open world game, it is not in the level of adjustment stage yet it is assembled.

Currently I’m at ‘doing this this way’, ‘I will change the directing here,’ while holding the controller everyday.”

At this stage, it’s hard to make a point about when Death Stranding is releasing, even though rumors around the other two big PS4 exclusives, Ghost of Tsushima included, claim that those are close to launch and will do in 2019.

Via ResetEra