Death Stranding Patch 1.03 To Be Available Upon Day One

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Death Stranding is going to be offering day-one patches for PlayStation 4 users, as spotted by reviewers who have obtained an early copy over the last few weeks.

The game is already at version 1.03, as revealed by WCCTech, which is introducing multiple fixes upon the original game. You might recall that previous mandatory updates were set to add online features, but that’s not all.

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Here’s the full 1.03 patch for Death Stranding changelog:

  • Multiple problems fixed
  • Game balance adjustments
  • Translation quality improvements
  • Updated save data version

The release notes provided on PlayStation 4 also makes it clear that “save data created in version 1.03 cannot be used with an earlier version.” This is unlikely going to be an issue when it comes to players getting the game on November 8, 2019, and downloading/installing the 1.03 version right away.

The PS4 release notes are usually pretty generic, and in this case, too, they don’t really go more in-depth into details. We don’t know which problems have been fixed nor which are those adjustments in the game balance, but it’s probably going to make the final game more stable for us to play in a few days.