Death Stranding Review Embargo Lifts on November 1

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Death Stranding review embargo is lifting off on November 1, 12:01 am Pacific time. The news was shared by Metacritic’s Twitter and Instagram social accounts, even though those shares have been quickly removed, as seen on ResetEra, and now it’s officially confirmed by several outlets like GameSpot.

There’s always a chance that that information might have been wrong, thus leading to their removal, but it’s most likely that Sony hadn’t given its approval for those to be shared so early in the process. Now it’s instead time for it to be official.

So, let’s take a look at what all this means. First of all, it means the obvious, that we’ll be getting Death Stranding reviews all over the place eight days before the official release.

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Second, it also means that Sony and Kojima Productions are quite confident about their game, so much that they’re allowing the press to talk about it so early before the launch.

Publishers are getting us used to reviews popping up on the Internet very, very close to the release date, if not upon day one, in order not to harm sales with disappointed and disappointing critics. If that doesn’t happen, it’s usually a sign of confidence in the product they’re launching.

As gamers, we could not be happier to see the embargo date is confirmed, but be sure to check on that once again in the future as things could change by the time Death Stranding releases on PS4.