Death Stranding Bringing Something New To Open World, New Trailer “In A Month Or So”

Hideo Kojima has discussed Death Stranding at the Tribeca Film Festival panel he attended together with his friend Geoff Keighley and The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus.

Throughout the panel, nothing new was shown, expectedly, but Kojima shared some interesting pieces of news we’re reporting below.

First of all, he said that Death Stranding will be an open world game like we already knew, but that he’ll bring “something new” to the genre.

There will also be a focus on “connection,” a theme that’ll be key to the gameplay and the story at the same extent.

The player will be alone though, so don’t expect any particular multiplayer mode to be invasive in comparison with the previous work of the designer and director.

On that topic, he added that he couldn’t tell more as “I don’t want to be disconnected from Sony.” He said that “to connect is the same as disconnecting in a way; is connecting correct? Is it better to disconnect?”.

Kojima also said that it’s hard to tell a story in an open world action game since you have to balance the freedom you grant players with the plot; he’ll allow players to in a certain direction to learn more about the story, but he also wants people to feel free to make the choice of doing so.

Norman Reedus, who plays protagonist Sam, added that the game would make you cry as you’ll get emotionally invested by what you play and see.

Finally, as he is “sorry that I couldn’t show you stuff today,” Kojima said that could happen “maybe in a month or so. Maybe?”

There’s a chance that Death Stranding could be getting back for E3 2019 outside of any Sony official presence, perhaps during one of those Geoff Keighley broadcast we’re used to watching at the event, or in a State of Play episode.

The game is still lacking a release date and is rumored to be releasing both on PS4 and PS5 as a cross-gen production. Anyway, it should be around for 2020.