Death Stranding-Themed Perfume Commercial Airs In Brazil

Death Stranding is one of the most popular intellectual properties that have not yet born at all around, so it’s quite normal that you start seeing stuff inspired to it, or even ripping it off, on tv shows and other video games.

This time around, anyway, we’ve got something completely new and unexpected to deal with, as Brazilian fans on Reddit have spotted a TV commercial ripping off for some reason one of the trailers from Death Stranding.

Below, you can see a comparison between the footage in the commercial and the trailer in question, courtesy of MP1st (via GamesRadar+). In the video, you can see that the commercial – involving a perfume from a company called O Boticário – has one of those giant creatures from the next game of Hideo Kojima.

While we’ve yet to learn the purpose of those creatures in the game from the creator of the Metal Gear franchise, at the 0:48 mark in the video you can see them do precisely the same things in the commercial, which is slightly weird.

Furthermore, taking into account that the commercial is for a perfume, it’s rather weird that those who handled the clip for O Boticário paid a homage to a video game, so – whatever that means in such a commercial – this could easily be a case of rip off, even if very, very strange.

You can check the video below to understand what’s happening clearly. At the time being Sony nor Kojima Productions have reacted to the commercial, but considering how much popular it’s becoming on the Internet we believe there’s a chance they’ll do soon.