Death Stranding Title Screen Leaks

As you might have heard, impressions and reviews for Death Stranding are under a strict embargo and will stay so up until November 1, 2019. Anyway, from time to time, some brave members of the press allow us to get some anonymous leak we can grab info from and generously spread across the Internet.

This time, we get to learn about the title screen for the game, which shows a few voices you can select from, such new game, load game, and so on, and in the background a scene from the original trailer, the beach with all those stranded whales. That scene has also been part of the trailer where Amelie is briefly shown in one of the latest trailers.

While we do believe that location will be that important to be included in the title screen, there’s a chance that, similarly to other PlayStation exclusives, the title screen background could change according to the point in the story you’ll have reached.

From the title screen, which has leaked over Reddit, we also learn two more things. First, there’s that “Open Source Licenses” which looks a bit out of place there, even though we don’t know what it includes precisely; on top of that, the menu also points out that Sony Interactive Entertainment owns the IP, and that not all the goods featured in the game are meant to be product placements.

You might recall the Monster cans that were shown aplenty in the latest gameplay from Tokyo Game Show, and that’s one of those cases. Also, Norman Reedus’ Ride was featured in that gameplay, and that could be one more of those.

Death Stranding is releasing on November 8, 2019, for PlayStation 4.