Death Stranding Unlock Times Revealed

Sony has just revealed the Death Stranding unlock times, with the game that, as you might recall, is going to be officially available on Friday, Nov. 8 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Of course, the game is going to unlock only for people who have purchased it on PlayStation Store digitally. While you won’t need to wait longer in case you’ve managed to grab a physical copy ahead of the official street date (which we’re seeing happen a lot around).

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Have a look at the Death Stranding unlock times below:

  • New Zealand: 12am NZDT on Friday, Nov. 8.
  • Pacific US: 9pm PT on Thursday, Nov. 7.
  • Eastern US: 12am ET on Friday, Nov. 8.
  • UK: 12am GMT on Friday, Nov. 8.

So, everyone is going to have a chance to play the game soon – you won’t have to wait longer than midnight, depending on the time zone where you live. In particular, Pacific US players will have it live at 9 pm PT on Thursday, Nov. 7, which is midnight CET, Nov. 8.

Are you going to grab it digitally, or are you an old fashioned gamer who loves to get physical copies? And, most importantly, are you going to play Death Stranding?