Death Stranding Weighs In At 55GB

The wait is almost over, and as we get closer and closer to the release of Death Stranding on November 8, we get more juicy details about how (and what) it is going to be about and like.

Over the last few hours, thanks to eagle-eyed fans on ResetEra, we’ve learned that the game will be around 55GB in weight.

The figure was delivered on the PS4 Pro Death Stranding Limited Edition, precisely on the back, among the other information required to play the game. It’s worth noting that you get a physical copy of the title out of the box.

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It’s not so surprising if you consider that this is an open-world game and that it has high-quality animation and textures all over the place, but we can say it’s not much bigger than others on PS4 like Marvel’s Spider-Man (53GB) and even Horizon: Zero Dawn (48GB complete with The Frozen Wilds) which runs on the same Decima Engine. God of War is around 39GB, while Days Gone is 44GB.

When you look at the latest gameplay videos, you see environments that are not filled with stuff you can interact with, or enemies, or structures, but the news might also be hinting that there’s a lot to see that we’ve not been shown yet.

Pre-load has yet to be unleashed but, considering that all this information is already around and that the release date is so close, expect that to happen anytime soon.