Death Stranding Will “Take A While,” Says Kojima

Death Stranding is one of the most anticipated games out there, and one of the most mysterious, too.

It doesn’t come with a release date nor window, adhering to the mantra that it’ll release only when it’s truly ready to ship.

Anyway, from time to time, creator Hideo Kojima drops some hints about when it could launch on PlayStation 4.

Death Stranding Will "Take A While," Says Kojima

In one of his most recent conversations on Twitter, he said that “it’ll take a while,” at least referencing the fact that the game is still deep in development.

Kojima did so after a couple of tweets where he promoted his friend Mad Mikkelsen‘s latest film, Arctic, who’s also starring in Death Stranding.

Not the most significant intel we could get about the title but, again, it’s so much surrounded by mystery that we’ll take everything.

According to protagonist Norman Reedus, it’s coming as early as 2019, but that statement hasn’t found any confirmation of sorts.