Dedicated fans bring back PlayStation Home

It’s been a while, pal.

PlayStation Home

Image via Project Destination Home Revival YouTube.

The online social space, PlayStation Home, was shut down over six years ago. Fans haven’t given up hope, clamoring for some revival or follow-up on PlayStation 4 that never really happened. There was Atom Universe, a very similar title, but it was missing the spark many felt with PlayStation Home. Luckily for those fans, that spark doesn’t have to die out.

A community-wide restoration project, PlayStation Home, will be playable on original hardware in the future. Developer Destination Home released a teaser video showcasing different spaces in PlayStation Home with full private and public lobbies working on the original PlayStation 3. The restoration project is still in development, meaning you won’t be able to relive those memories with your pals yet. 

The fact that the online functionality is working on the original console is a huge milestone. While work still needs to be done, we can see some familiar spaces in the teaser video, such as the bowling alley and playground.

This PlayStation Home restoration is part of a larger project known as PS Online Network Emulated, a community-driven attempt to restore online functionality to fan-favorite PS3 games like Socom: Confrontation and Warhawk.