PS3 Exclusive Demons Souls Performs On 4K On PC Through RPC3 Emulator


Demon’s Souls which came out exclusively on PS3 in the year 2009 has now a 4K output through an emulation on PC. The 4K output of this game is really amazing. Running the game on PC was possible due to a PS3 Emulator – RPC3 that managed to run the game on Windows along with improving its resolution and graphics quality to 4K.

Demons Souls

Demon’s Souls has a problem with resolution on PS3 the quality players getting on the old console is not great. But with the help of this emulator now gamers can enjoy the same game in high graphics. You can see the video below uploaded by BSoD Gaming. The video shows the comparison of graphic between the old console and PC.

The graphics of the game is enhanced through the emulator but it also demands a good pc config to reach 4K. It is not just through software rendering you can achieve the good output, a capable hardware is required to reach 4K output.

In the video, the user as also shared the pc config where the game is performing at an ultra-high resolution. The pc has a Core i7 7700k processor clocked @ 4.6Ghz with minimum 16GB RAM, 6Gb GTX 980i Graphic Card and 256GB M.2 SSD. On such high config, Demon’s Souls was able to deliver a 4K output.

RPC3 is an open source play station emulator that is capable of running approx 1600 commercial titles. The emulator is powered by Vulkan, OpenGL & DirectX 12 renderers.