The Demon’s Souls servers are officially shutting down tomorrow


The time has come to say goodbye to one of the most austere experiences in gaming. Demon’s Souls is about to go offline after nine years. The servers are scheduled to be shuttered tomorrow, so if you want to jump online and play a little more, there’s still some time left before the plug is pulled. 

We’ve had a little time to prepare for this tragedy, at least. Publisher Atlus first announced that the servers would be going down back in November. Unfortunately, the date wasn’t pushed back or rescheduled, and no one decided they were going to change their mind and leave the servers running. This is it, and unfortunately there’s no changing it. 

After today, beginning on Feb. 28, all of the online functionality for Demon’s Souls will be shutting down, so you’ll no longer be able to bring other players or their phantoms into your game, nor will you see any of the player messages around the world. You’ll still be able to play the game, but its online connectivity offered some interesting additional dimensions, namely certain bosses that were able to summon real players, but now those moments will be lost to time. 

It’s always a little sad when these kinds of shutdowns happen, especially since the game is attached to so many positive memories for some. But at least the legacy lives on with the Dark Souls series. Tonight’s your last chance at seeing the game as it was when it debuted nearly 10 years ago. Don’t forget to check it out one final time.