Destiny 2 will add more collectibles and hidden treasures, but only “in future expansions”


Destiny 2 game director Chris Barrett has made waves on Twitter again today, confirming that a certain requested feature would be making its way back into the game, but with a catch.

Replying to a fan’s tweet about Destiny 1’s Dead Ghost collectibles making a return in Destiny 2, Barrett simply replied “yes,” but later expanded on his original response.

In Destiny 1, Dead Ghosts were hidden husks of Ghosts, your character’s AI companion, that were scattered all around the world. More and more of them were added with each expansion and seasonal event, and players apparently had a good time searching them out and collecting them all and adding to their Grimoire score.

Now, though, in Destiny 2, both Grimoire and Dead Ghosts are missing in action. Players have been looking forward to finding more things to collect, and Barrett has answered the request. But according to him, they will only come in future expansions.

It’s possible that players will be able to access the collectibles without paying for the expansions, but it’s unclear just yet. Dot Esports has reached out to Barrett for further comment.