Crimson Days is now live in Destiny 2, so here’s how to quickly earn Crimson Engrams


Love is in the air, and so are new Engrams to earn in Destiny 2’s Crimson Days event. The week-long celebration of partnership and love has brought a slew of new items to earn.

The main source of these new items are Crimson Engrams which are earned through leveling up your character’s XP bar. Doing so will also earn you an Illuminated Engram.

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One of the easiest ways to boost your XP gains is to use Fireteam Medallions. These can be purchased from Tess Everis using Bright Dust, and they grant increased XP games for players and their fireteams for four hours. Only one person in the fireteam needs to have one equipped.

From there, just play the game like usual. Run Public Events, Strikes, and the Crimson Days Crucible playlist, which is two-vs.-two on a special map. Just enjoy the game and grind out normal activities with the increased XP gains to increase your Engram earn rate.

Another easy tip is to use XP-boost Ghost shells. Check every shell you have for Ghosts that give you XP boosts on certain destinations or in certain activities, such as Crucible shells that will give you increased XP in the Crucible.

Combine both Ghosts and Fireteam Medallions for an added boost to your XP and you can earn Crimson Engrams at a pretty decent rate. Crimson Days ends at reset on Feb. 20.