Destiny 2’s director promises news about what’s next for the game this Thursday


Destiny 2 game director Chris Barrett took to Twitter on Monday night to tease a glimpse into this week’s update from Bungie, and it has sparked some positivity in the community.

It’s been a while since anyone at Bungie has acknowledged the state of the game, as some of the development team have taken the better part of the last month off for the holidays. But now that everyone is back at the office, it’s full steam ahead once again.

Seasoned Destiny veterans already know that Thursday is the day when Bungie posts its This Week at Bungie blog, which features news about upcoming changes as well as insights to development behind the scenes.

There hasn’t been a blog update since Dec. 14, though, so players have been waiting nearly a month to hear from Bungie on many subjects. Barrett previously said that the controversial Eververse store would be part of the discussion moving forward.

Destiny 2’s playerbase has seen a steady dropoff since the game first release, and numerous controversies surrounding the game have undoubtedly not helped in that regard.

All eyes of a hopeful-yet-dejected playerbase will be on the Bungie blog this Thursday, hoping for news of a brighter future.