New leaks suggest Destiny 2’s second expansion is called The Fallen Warmind, and is coming May 8


Destiny 2’s second expansion will be called “The Fallen Warmind” and is set to release on May 8, according to multiple leaked listings.

The news was found on Twitter and posted to Reddit early on Friday morning, with screenshots taken from both Amazon and GameStop’s websites. The listings have since become no longer available.

Image via u/Laudermann

A previous leak from the PlayStation Store in December alluded to the expansion being named “Gods of Mars” and releasing in March. It’s possible that one or all of these are well-made fakes, or names and release dates, changed over the past couple of months.

All that’s known for sure about the expansion so far is from the key art, which features a Warmind, a female Hunter, and Guardians in a snowy environment. Beyond that, it’s all speculation.

With less than two months between now and the supposed release date of May 8, we will probably know more soon about Expansion II from Bungie itself as the developer continues to work on improving the game, which has lost most of its playerbase.