New Monarchy has won Destiny 2’s Faction Rally for the second time in a row


Executor Hideo is boasting yet again in the Bazaar section of the Tower in Destiny 2, as New Monarchy has won its second consecutive Faction Rally.

The prize for New Monarchy players cashing in the most Faction Packages during the last week is that their exclusive gun is on sale for just 1,000 Glimmer. Dead Orbit and Future War Cult pledges will have to pay 50,000 Glimmer for theirs.

The winning gun is called Loquitor IV, and it’s an auto rifle. It offers iron sights as well as a thermal scope and a long-range scope, as well as Ricochet Rounds. The intrinsic perk on the gun is called High-Impact Reserves, which means rounds as the end of the magazine deal more damage.

New Monarchy won the last Faction Rally in November, and the prize was a sword. Considering how strong auto rifles are in Destiny 2, it looks like this victory could be even sweeter.

The Faction weapons will be on sale for the next week before they’re gone until the next Facton Rally, at which point they will be added to the normal loot pool for Faction Packages.