Big changes are coming to Destiny 2’s Nightfall Strike and Prestige Raid activities


Some solid updates are coming for two of Destiny 2’s favorite end-game PvE activities, the Nightfall Strike and Prestige Raids, Bungie announced on its blog today.

The main change coming to Nightfall is the addition of Strike scoring, where players are awarded points for completing objectives, like killing enemies and generating Orbs of Light. Prestige Raids are getting a unique challenge each week.

Screengrab via This Week at Bungie, Feb. 8, 2018

For Nightfall, there will also be Challenges on top of the scoring. Challenges consist of things like Solar damage being increased, or being forced back to orbit if your team dies in a restricted respawn zone. Strike Bosses will drop unique loot as a trade-off.

New emblems will be coming from each Nightfall Strike, and those will allow players to track things like how many times they’ve completed the particular Strike and what their highest score was. Applying the challenges will add different score multipliers. This change is scheduled to come in Update 1.1.3 on Feb. 27.

In Prestige Raids, players will be challenged differently each week, like being forced to use a specific gun archetype throughout the activity. This update has been pushed back to May.

These changes are just a few that have been mapped out by Bungie in the developer’s efforts to bring players back to the game’s dipping population.