These are all the new Raid-specific armor perks you can get in Destiny 2


Yesterday’s Destiny 2 update added some new quality of life improvements to the game, including Masterwork armor, and improved Raid loot.

As part of the better loot for the Raid, armor can drop with Raid-specific perks or Mods that can help out immensely in Raid activities, like Leviathan or Eater of Worlds.

These perks add a variety of buffs to the player, but they all aim to make the Raid experience a bit more fun and somewhat easier when stacked. They only work within Raid activities, however, so the perks are somewhat useless outside of them.

Check out all the new possible perks, compiled by u/Rornicus on Reddit.


  • Activating your Super recharges your grenade (Arc, Solar, or Void)


  • Melee kills increase all damage by 20 percent
  • Melee kills decrease all incoming damage by 20 percent
  • Melee kills have a chance to drop Power ammo


  • Defeating Challenging enemies with Power Weapon boosts Power Weapon damage by 15% for a short time


  • Normal enemy kills with an Energy Weapon boosts Energy Weapon damage by 15% for a short timeĀ 

Class Item

  • 25 percent boost to ability damage (Arc, Solar, or Void)

Players have already found incredible uses for the perks, like the team in this video by Gladd on YouTube. Watch how fast they take down Emperor Calus by stacking Celestial Nighthawk helmets, Golden Gun supers, and the new gauntlet damage increase perk.

These new perks aim to give incentive to players to grind out the Raid each week, along with increased loot drops and better drops overall from Raid activities.