Destiny 2’s weapons are being buffed across the board for PvE activities, plus other sandbox tweaks


Destiny 2’s 1.1.4 update is just a few weeks away, and the game’s developer at Bungie revealed specific information about how the game’s sandbox will be changing earlier today.

For starters, every class of weapon is being buffed to do more damage in PvE activities. Lots of weapons are receiving buffs overall, but in general, all weapon classes are being tuned for the first time since the game launched in September.

Super abilities are also being changed, including a faster charge rate thanks to a cooldown reduction of 25 percent. All roaming Super abilities will now move faster and at the same speed as the others while using them.

The Warlock’s Dawnblade Super has been buffed a lot, including reducing the cost for throwing swords, and a removal of the Icarus Dash cooldown.

The Crucible is changing in a big way in an effort to speed things up, too, with respawn timers being reduced across the board. Power ammo respawn timers have also been reduced, and enemy players will now drop their Power ammo upon dying.

There’s a ton of changes coming in 1.1.4 on March 27, and they can all be read in Bungie’s new weekly blog post. Change is in the wind for Destiny 2, and longtime players have something to be excited about.