Bungie is Changing Destiny 2’s Quest log for Shadowfall Launch

Bungie understands that sometimes its difficult for players to navigate Destiny 2’s quest log. They want to make the process of finding out what a player needs to do next in the game. While they are working on something new, it won’t come out until the game launches with Shadowfall this fall.

The most recent rework saw the quests getting an entire menu dedicated to them under the Pursuits tab. However, players were still having trouble navigating this particular page. Players were still not having a good time. So, Destiny 2’s franchise director, Luke Smith, took to their team’s blog and posted an in-depth story about how they’re going to change it up. All of it is going to drop for the upcoming Shadowfall update.

The latest break down seems like a much easier process to identify what quests players need to work on while in the game. Instead of meshing the game’s quests and bounties all in one, they’re going to have separate areas breaking the two apart from one another. This way, when players are looking to see their progress in a bounty, they’ll have to look at the bounty tab, and vice versa for any of the game’s quests.

Additionally, PC players are going to have an easier time bringing up this menu as Bungie are creating an entire hotkey to bring it up. For those who have been annoyed by how many lists they’ve had to jump through to get to it, you’re going to find it a much easier time come this fall.

You can read the entire post here. It’s a massive information dump on how the team has handled the various stages of the latest updates for the past year. If you’re looking for the particular portion they talk about the Pursuits tab, jump down to the “Season of Opulence, Part 1: The Pursuits Tray Is a Caterpillar In a Cocoon-Quest log Is The Beautiful Butterfly,” portion.

Destiny 2 players can look forward to the new quest log addition on Oct. 1, when Destiny 2: Shadowfall drops for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.